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Maintenance Timezone Converter

Maintenance details:
Provider Reference: 010375
Planned Maintenance
Site Name: ACME Example Company Ltd.
Site City: Amsterdam
Scheduled Start: 01/03/2040 01:00:00
Scheduled End: 01/03/2040 03:00:00
In timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Description: Example description of maintenance activities

In timezone: America/New_York
Scheduled Start: February 29, 2040 19:00:00
Scheduled End: February 29, 2040 21:00:00

This page was loaded with sample data. To use this converter with your own data, you need to pass the following variables to the index.php script:

  • ref=Provider Reference
  • udef1=Used to define your own label. In this case 'Category:', but you can use a value of your choice. Do not forget to include the semi-colon (':').
  • udef2=The value of the label as defined with 'udef1'.
  • sn=Site Name
  • sc=Site City
  • ss=Schedule Start. You can use any date format you like (see the df variable below). Use a 24 hour clock.
  • se=Schedule End. You can use any date format you like (see the df variable below). Use a 24 hour clock.
  • fromttimezone=The timezone you want to convert from. See the dropdown box above for possible values.
  • targettimezone=Use this to set an initial timezone you want to convert to
  • df=Specify the date format used for the schedule start and end dates.
    • DMY for dd/mm/YYYY
    • MDY for mm/dd/YYYY
    • YDM for YYYY/dd/mm
    • YMD for YYYY/mm/dd
  • mdesc=Description of the maintenance activities that will be performed and any additional information. You can use HTML code like <br>.
Passing these valuables to the script is done by typing '?' after 'index.php' followed by the variables and their values. You can separate variables with the '&' sign. Please see an example below:

http://www.b2btoolz.com/mtzc/index.php?ref=010375&udef1=Category:&udef2=Planned Maintenance&sn=ACME Example Company Ltd.&sc=Amsterdam&ss=01/03/2040 01:00:00&se=01/03/2040 03:00:00&fromtimezone=Europe/Amsterdam&targettimezone=America/New_York&df=DMY&mdesc=Example description of maintenance activities

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to info@b2btoolz.com.